Saimir Strati (born 1966) an Albanian mosaic artist and painter. 11 times Guinness World Record holder, where 8 of them are new categories in Guinness World Records book. Known for his saying: “Mosaic is music for eyes” and often referred as mosaic genius, Saimir is among four leading figures of mosaic world and member of British Modern Mosaic Association. In world encyclopedia he is considered leading figure of Modern Mosaic.   He has used a variety of materials including from toothpicks to eggshells, compact discs, seashells, porcelain, industrial screws and industrial nails.

Strati was born in Tirana, Albania. He began his career doing restorations in Albania to several mosaics at the archeological sites of Byllis, Amantia, and Apollonia.

“To achieve the impossible and to touch the unimaginable”